All of our products are made to be as ethical as possible from supply chain to shelf.


We back up all of our claims with certifications so our customer knows they can trust us.


Through various initiatives, we give back to the planet with every product we make.

The Kind Brand Company

Our Mission


At The Kind Brand Company, we make ethical products for all of TanKind through innovation and integrity. We strive for first-class quality for all of our brands. We are grateful for our past and continued success. Our mission is to make a real impact by spreading kindness and giving back to the planet with every product we make.

Plastic Negative Products

Our bottles may look like plastic, but they're actually made from sugar polymer & reclaimed plastic from the ocean.

Cleaning up the mess we have all created!

For every VeganTan product we sell, we’re removing and recycling 1lb of plastic from the ocean in Goa, India.

Supporting waste workers

We are adding a crucial income stream for waste pickers and their families in Goa.

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